Sasaeng fan threatens to murder EXO’s Sehun?

| January 6, 2014 | 14 Comments

So this is classified as a rumor, but it’s scary nonetheless.

Word traveling around both the EXO community as well as the K-Pop community is that a sasaeng fan named Kim Yeoshin is planning her next crazy act: To kill a popular idol in 2014.

And she has her sights set on EXO’s Sehun.

What kind of a psycho would do something like that?

While this could just be another delusional fan girl spouting nonsense, she has been known to have to hurt (and try to hurt ) many other idols in the past.

Cr: Owner

Cr: Owner

Here’s a list of things she has done so far, listed by Baexohyunnie:

  1. Remember the B.A.P stage during the warrior era, Himchan was sweating like crazy? Kim Yeoshin put diarrhea medicine, oil, and benzene in a coffee and gave it to Himchan before the stage. Here’s the video that shows Himchan sweating like crazy.[VIDEO]

  2. Kim Yeoshin added glue in coffee and gave it to DBSK U-KNOW YUNHO. After that, he had to go to the ER to get a check-up.

  3. She tried giving hydrochloric acid to B1A4 Baro but failed.  *Hydrochloric acid can melt the organs in a human body if they drink it wrong.*

  4. She tried giving benzene to Infinite L but failed

  5. She tried giving Dongwoo from Infinite something weird to eat but failed.

  6. She was a sasaeng fan of Infinite and bothered Dongwoo A LOT when she figured out his phone number.

  7. Etc.

My question is, “How can someone like this not be behind bars yet?”.

And we should note that the list above is composed of only some of the things she has done. There are many more that can be added onto the list.

Many EXO fans in Korea already know about Kim Yeoshin’s plans and are going to keep a close eye on Sehun during the Idol Star Olympics, where Kim Yeoshin is most likely to strike. They’ll be watching out for people trying to give Sehun drinks or food.

But here’s another disturbing twist. Some Korean fans suspect that Sehun might be a scapegoat for Kim Yeoshin’s real target: Another EXO member.

Scary. Fans will have to keep a lookout for all 12 members.

Word is going around the EXO and the K-Pop fandom quickly, both internationally and in Korea.

Hopefully this is just a hoax, but a rumor about killing an idol (or anyone in general) has to be taken seriously.

But seriously, why has this girl not been locked up or put in an asylum yet? Clearly she’s a danger to others.

You can check the webpages below for more info. You can also see the thousands and thousands of comments from fans who concerned about Sehun’s and EXO’s safety.

Source: 여자들이 즐거운 공간 via baexohyunnie

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