EXO and VIXX will participate in this year’s Idol Star Athletics Championship

| September 1, 2013 | 2 Comments

It’s almost that time of year! The Idol Star Athletics Championship is just around the corner, and this time around, there are over 160 idols participating! There are many rookie groups that will be participating this year, including VIXX, HISTORY, and EXO (who is reprising their roles from last year).

However, all the members of their respective groups will not be participating in the competition. For EXO, only Luhan and Xiumin will be participating, and for VIXX, only Leo will be participating. All 3 rookies will be participating in a new addition to this year’s competition: Futsal. Futsal is pretty much an indoor soccer match, which is right up Luhan and Xiumin’s alley.

EXO's Luhan and Xiumin and VIXX's Leo to participate in the Idol Star Athletic Championship

So while Luhan, Xiumin, and Leo will be duking it out on the field, their fellow members will be in the background cheering them on! Their members will most likely be featured in the small interview portions of the show.

The entire event will be filmed on September 3rd at Goyang, Gyeonggido, with the broadcast airing about a couple of weeks later. If it’s anything like last year, it’ll be a load of fun and a must-watch event. Good luck to all of our lovely rookies. Hopefully some of them will be able to secure some gold medals!

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